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Native Land Holdings

Making Home ownership More Affordable


What is a Leasehold

Native Land Holdings makes home ownership more affordable by offering homes via Leasehold Title. As opposed to Fee Simple Title, the most common form of ownership in the United States, with a Leasehold Title you own your property for a set period of time - 99 years (the maximum allowable under Leasehold title). For those 99 years, Native Land Holdings, or one of our partners, will own what is known as the "residual," which is the period after 99 years. 

Because of this split interest, we are able to sell you the same great home at a fraction of the cost! You get to own and enjoy the property just as you would otherwise.

While your interest may be piqued, we understand that you probably have a number of questions. We invite you to check out the Example Home below (desktop site only) and visit our Q&A section to help familiarize yourself with Leasehold ownership. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

How & Why


  • You OWN your home for 99 years

  • Native Land Holdings owns the "residual" value (the period after 99 years)

  • An additional expense is included in your monthly payment

       That's it!


  • Save tens of thousands on your down payment

  • Build equity in your home

  • Benefit from appreciation in your home's value


Example Home



Elliot, Andy (1).jpg

Andy Elliot, CEO and Founder, started Native Land Holdings after being frustrated with the prohibitive cost of buying a home for his own family in Greater Boston. 

The team at Native Land Holdings has decades of real estate finance experience in the Boston area and has structured and closed billions of dollars of transactions. We have deep relationships with the real estate community and are using our expertise to change home ownership for the better.

After student loans, expensive rent, and the ever-increasing cost of living, it's hard to save hundreds of thousands needed to purchase a home.  Once the money is saved, it's difficult to commit such a large chunk of money to owning a home with all of life's other demands, investments, and pleasures. Native Land Holdings' aims to make home ownership more affordable, accessible, and efficient in the modern economy.


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