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Questions & Answers

Do I own my home?

Yes! You own your home for 99 years while Native Land Holdings (or one of our partners) owns the Residual value - the period after the Leasehold runs out.

What is a Leasehold?

Leasehold title is an alternative to Fee Simple title (the most common ownership structure) whereby ownership is for a predetermined period of time.

How long is the Leasehold period?

99 years (the maximum allowable by United States law)


What happens at the end of 99 years?

You, or the current owner, purchases the residual value back .

Can I get a mortgage to purchase or refinance my home?

Yes. Native Land Holdings works with a number of lenders that will finance the purchase or refinancing of your home.

What type of buyer is a Leasehold most suitable for?

A Leasehold is beneficial if you do not plan for this to be your "forever home."

Can I sell my home?

Yes. You may sell your home at any time at your discretion and the Leasehold obligations transfer to the new owner.

If my home appreciates in value, do I get to keep the money?

Yes! Appreciation in your home's value is yours to keep.

How much is the Leasehold payment?

This is determined on a home-by-home basis. The Leasehold payment is flat for five years and then increases at the Consumer Price Index (with a maximum annual increase of 5% and, in some cases, a minimum annual increase). 

Are there any restrictions as a Leasehold owner?

No. You may enjoy your home and property how you wish.

Is this done elsewhere?

Sure is! While not yet common in many American markets, it is common in Hawaii, many European and Asian cities, and in commercial real estate.

Who owns the Residual (the period after 99 years)?

Native Land Company or one of our partners will own the Residual.

What happens if the owner of the residual sells their interest?

Nothing changes! You will continue to enjoy your home for as long as you own it.

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